ADHESIVE MOSAIC MESH - 12 x 12 - Pack of 50

Brand: Tile Supply Depot

Product Code: TMS50A DTA AD MESH

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- Size 12" x 12" x 3/64"

- Can be cut to any size

- Plastic

These mosaic adhesive sheets are designed to fix behind mosaic tiles to increase the stability of the mosaic and make it easier to install. The sheets hold all of the individual pieces of tile in place to insure even grout joints. The adhesive sheets also increase the overall thickness of the mosaic tile, so that the mosaics sit level with other tiles.
  • Prevents grout joints from sagging
  • Increases the thickness of mosaic tiles
  • Makes mosaic tiling quick and easy

The grid design allows adhesive / grout to penetrate through the back of mosaic tiles providing a secure fix.